Screaming Eagles

Ending Screen

Screaming Eagles is a Top Down SHMUP in a more military styled world that has multiple levels of intrigue and actions.Private Military Companies have all but wiped out terrorist threats and have begin to force themselves onto government. Red Eye, the largest and most powerful of the PMCs as begun to invade NATO and the world must create a strike group in order to stop Red Eye and gain a foothold in the war.

The work I’ve completed within this project is massive and includes:

  • The creation of all player and enemy assets into the game using a combination of GameCore + Pooling and Playmaker.
  • Tweaking and modifying enemy/player stats and movement patterns including the placement of most scripts related to health and attack power via the Killable function of GameCore.
  • Talked with the creator of UniBulletHell Unity asset to get assistance with merging his wonderful pooling system into GameCore (MASSIVE props to the creator on this part)
  • Prototype development of all levels, including enemy placement, terrain development/level look and feel with artists.
  • Created all bullet formations for enemies and patterns of fire.
  • Assist with Art Team in production flow and assigning of tasks.

The levels offers a wider horizontal field of play rather than the usual straight railroad that will include multiple sub-missions that the player can locate, find and destroy. Locations will range from the coastal cities to the deep jungles and deserts all with destructible terrain and multi-tiered bosses that will challenge the players to the extreme.

Players will be able to control multiple planes including an A10, Eurofighter, SU47 and a F22. Each plane will have unique abilities and bombs that will offer different experiences and ways to complete the game.

The game launched on October 8th on Steam for 8.99$ 

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