(The introduction to the RFID controls starts at 3:00; the game itself starts at 4:10.)

This Unity 3d project was done in conjunction with our Robotics lab and others in order to create a tech demo for our graduation ceremony.  We chose to create a simple flight simulator controlled by the audience. The complete game was designed by myself and 4 other students, and was completed in about one and a half months. We ended up using the Robotics lab’s RFID chips to allow for the graduates to steer the plane and collect coins along the main path. The end result was a funny romp in our seats as we tried desperately to stay on track and not crash.

The ending….well we forgot one node’s rotation. At least it was fun!

The design itself was relatively easy as the terrain tools are easy to use but hard to master as you need to be very careful with the mouse when making things like the River Canyon (first full level in the video and the level I created). The tricky part was making sure that all the scripting and spline nodes worked properly when triggered and that the play was fast enough to properly turn but not flying at a snail’s pace.


  • Created one level from prototype to completion
  • Assisted with testing of RFID chips for controlls
  • Worked with team to polish game

Full Game Downloadable


  • A – Left
  • D – Right
  • Numpad: Enter – Start movement
  • Space – Respawn
  • P – Next Level