Jewelry Maker is a casual game for the Nintendo DS/3DS that allows anyone to become a high quality jeweler and design their own rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. Using the stylus, you can bend metal and place gems and after you design the item you want, you can place it in a display case to show your friends. As the player builds more items, they gain access to more and better materials including precious gems and rare metals.

This is the kind of game that a core gamer might not think would work, but once you get into it, it actually begin to make more sense. Something as simple as this can be very interesting to young kids (girls primary) as the idea of being able to create something and show it off to your friends. By offering better options for more playtime, (not traditional point based scoring), the more items you make and show off, the more fashionable items you can create. So the investment is worth it if you want to make that platinum ring with a sapphire gem on top.

Design Doc: Jewelry Maker