Bumper Pool was a simple Unity 3d Engine game that was built in around 3 weeks. Our group of 5 people created a simple physics script that allowed us to take the idea of bumper pool and turn it into a pseudo-miniature golf game.

The roles in the game were divided equally with each member working on an individual level with one programmer. My role was in developing the level above and merging all the level together into one playable game.

The level design was based on the idea that I didn’t want to just use cubes and walls as the primary obstacle. I felt it was too generic and bland for what the normal idea of bumper pool is. So I managed to find some pinball part models from Google Sketchup and modified them to use the physics scripts our programmer developed so that it would properly bounce the ball when hit. There are still some issues in the level and it is excellent for a quick prototype game. However, I would love to continue to work on this game if time allowed.


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